Be Your Own Witch

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Be your own witch 1 (1).jpg

Be Your Own Witch


  :: P L A N T   M E D I C I N E   P R A C T I C E ::

What is this medicine?

The first part of an ongoing series of essays / letter / practices/ recipes on how I practice plant medicine, in an affordable PDF - Format.


For a long time now, folks have been asking me to bring some of my class offerings online. In the last year, the din of those questions has become quite loud, and this offering is my attempt to answer those questions.

I write from a bioregional, folk herbalism, ancestral practices, plant magic medicine perspective, with a variety of topics. 

This first lesson contains a further introduction to what I'm planning to do with these lessons, and ways to begin one's folk herbalism journey. Each lesson will contain a few simple practices, or recipes, as well as other resources, depending on the content of the lesson. 


If you have read my blog posts, articles, or even my instagram posts, you probably have some idea of the plant- related topics I write about and how I approach them. The idea for these simple, accessible and affordable pdf-lessons, is my response to the many queries I've gotten for more information on how I practice my magic and medicine. 

They will not make you anything, an herbalist, a wise woman, a healer, nor will they give you a certificate, or cover all your questions, or topics related to herbalism. What I am hoping to do, is to get those of you eager for knowledge started on the path YOU need to find for yourselves. 


F U T U R E:: L E S S O N S in the series

::Medicine of making Allies

::Medicine of the Kitchen

::Medicine of the Wild

:: Medicine ofour Ancestors

:: Medicine of Rituals

:: Medicine of Place

:: Medicine of the Garden

:: Medicine of the Forest

:: Medicine of the Seasons

:: Medicine of Spirit & Animism

:: Medicine of Community

:: Medicine of Hedgewitches

:: Medicine of Familiars

:: Medicine of Earth Activism

 (not necessarily chronological )


Who is it for?

This and the first 3-5 lessons are for folks who consider themselves absolute beginners, or darn near. The following ones will be of interested to anyone who's got some plant knowledge 

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