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Swept Away! PNW Broom tour w/ Bethany Ridenour of Bristle + Stick

Seattle WA

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We know that witches fly on broomsticks, but beyond that image, what is the significance of brooms, and cleaning in folk culture the world over? In this class we will explore the magic and medicine of broom lore and handcraft with Broom-Maker Bruja Bethany Ridenour and the messy-by-nature folk herbalist & witch Milla Prince. Participants will get to make their own hand-brooms, handy for dusting, ritual cleaning, and tidying up all corners of our hearths and homes. We will discuss craft magic, cleaning rituals like smoke, water and steam medicine, broom lore, and learn practical ways to cleanse our spaces both physically and spiritually. Participants will get to leave with their own handmade broom, a handout and a cleansing herbal bundle."



Bethany is a teacher and student of ancestral skills. For as long as she can remember she has turned to the trees and animals in the forest for council.. She believes strongly in the healing powers of nature, believing that strengthening our connection with the natural world can improve our interpersonal relationships and emotional well being. In her own path she has found that working with her hands with elements of nature brings her and others some of the deepest healing. She feels like it is her path to do what she can to help bridge the gap between humans and nature and bring to light how that relationship can help heal trauma.


Bethany has worked with many different natural elements with a strong emphasis on different ways of processing skins (e.g making and using Brain-tan, Bark-tan, rawhide, and furs), earth pigments; and most recently has fallen in love with Broom making.


Milla was born and raised in endless Boreal forests of Finland, surrounded by hidden messages of ancient plant medicine traditions, and folk magic. Her work as an herbalist in the Pacific Northwest is deeply rooted in the practice of bio-regionalism, plant spirit medicine, ancestral herbalism, Earth Activism, and local resilience. It is her dream to empower folks to discover their own ancestral magic, and revive their own holistic traditions.