BE YOUR OWN WITCH LESSON 1 "My Medicine, Your Medicine"

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BE YOUR OWN WITCH LESSON 1 "My Medicine, Your Medicine"



P L A N T   M E D I C I N E   P R A C T I C E ::

What is this medicine?

The first part of an ongoing monthly series of essays / letters / practices / recipes on how I practice plant medicine, in an affordable PDF - Format. 

These lessons will come out once a month (give or take) and be available in perpetuity. Together they will form a collection of writings that represent my ideas of our relations with plantfolk, of healing, of magic. 

I'd appreciate if you'd not share them in digital format, and I retain all copyright (I'm not a fan of copyright so please don't make me start copyrighting things.), and ask that you contribute for the offering, but you are welcome to print them out to share with family and friends too

You get a 24 hour window to download 19 pages of the first lesson (including images, notes, and the list of future lessons, the actual lesson itself is about 13 pages)


Who is it for?

This and the first 3-5 lessons are for folks who consider themselves pretty much absolute beginners in the realm of plant medicine, or darn near so. The following ones will be of interest to anyone who's got some plant knowledge, but is curious about any of the topics I'll write about. I will also include Scandinavian and Finno-Ugric lore into my writings, which are not necessarily well-represented in Traditional Western Herbalism. Those lessons may be of interest to seasoned herbalists from other traditions.

This first lesson contains a further introduction into my intentions and methods, and a few ways to start tapping into the plant connections we already have, and establishing new ones, to begin one's herbalism journey. Each lesson will contain a few simple practices, or recipes, as well as other resources, depending on the content of the lesson. 

This series is all about an accessible, slow, affordable, daily, life-long herbal practice. The first lesson reflects those themes.


Why this offering?

For a long time now, folks have been asking me to bring some of my class offerings online. In the last year, the din of those questions has become quite loud, and this offering is my attempt to answer those folks the best I can.

It is the most affordable way to bring my practices to you, rather than creating complex online offerings that require a lot of time and inputs, both on my part and on yours. 

As a writer, I enjoy producing pieces that are not just educational, or informative, but actually reflect my own worldview, spiritual practices, and land-based values. If you like my other writings, I hope you'll enjoy these ones too.

In this series, I  write about plant-human relations, bioregionalism, rewilding, decolonizing our medicine practices, ancestral herbalism, folk magic, and much more, from my own, unique vantage point, as someone from a deep and rich tradition in a new, and different part of the world.

If you have read my blog posts, articles, or even my instagram posts, you probably have some idea of the plant- related topics I write about, and how I approach them. The idea for these simple, accessible and affordable pdf-lessons, is my response to the many queries I've gotten for more information on how I practice my magic and medicine. 

They will not make you into anything: an herbalist, a wise woman, a healer, nor will they give you a certificate, or cover all your questions, or topics related to herbalism. They are simply intended as a key to opening the door to your own practice of magic and plant medicine.


My own knowledge and practices have been gobbled together over my lifetime, from different sources: ancestral lore, traditional recipes, old women, books, respected teachers, botanists, poets, my peers, my non-human allies, and this offering is my synthesis of that knowledge. What I am hoping to do, is to get those of you eager for plant lore started on the path YOU need to find for yourselves.

Over the years, I have put out a lot of information into the world, and these lessons are my effort in putting it in a cohesive format, with a unique point of view. It is a way for folks to get some answers to the questions I keep getting and for me to be payed a bit for doing what I love, but if you find yourself short of funds, rest assured I will continue putting out free content as well, through my newsletter, blog, and instagram.  

Feel free to give me feedback at and let me know what topics/ ideas/ practices caught your attention and what you'd like to hear more about. 


F U T U R E:: L E S S O N S in the series

::Medicine of making Allies

::Medicine of the Kitchen

::Medicine of the Wild

:: Medicine ofour Ancestors

:: Medicine of Rituals

:: Medicine of Place

:: Medicine of the Garden

:: Medicine of the Forest

:: Medicine of the Seasons

:: Medicine of Spirit & Animism

:: Medicine of Community

:: Medicine of Hedgewitches

:: Medicine of Familiars

:: Medicine of Earth Activism

 (not necessarily chronological )


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