Vision Mission Essence Mist

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Vision Mission Essence Mist



๐ŸŒ• Happy Full Moon! ๐ŸŒ•


A mist to make ritual, clear space & clarify you mission with! (Smells lovely too)

๐ŸŒ• open / ground / connect / clear / listen / enter / answer the call ๐ŸŒ• 

What's in this remedy?

The Essence of Queen Anne's Lace & The Huntress Moon w/ the essential oils of Pine, Clary Sage and Lavender

What is this remedy?

It is a clearing spray for moving energy and setting a sacred space, much like incense, or other smoke medicine. The oils of Vetiver and Tulsi bring the spray's intention up to the heavens, while the Fir & Pine ground us deeply to the Earth, so that we can do our work.

Queen Anne's Lace essence creates an opening for us to see what our work, our mission here on Earth is, while keeping the portal to the other realms wide open, so that we can receive the best assistance we could ask for.

The Huntress / Hunter's Moon, so named after the legendary hunter Herne, Artemis, Diana, countless ancient hunters riding in the sky on full Moon nights gives us the power and strength to chase after our dreams & visions. To be purposeful & fearless in our pursuit of that which we need to create in our lives.

What are flower essences?

Like all sympathetic magic, flower essences can be viewed in two ways: if one believes that we human beings are vibrationally tuned into our surroundings, then ingesting the vibrations of certain plants, or elements in a medium can then help alter our own vibrations. Or if that seems much too woo-woo, one can consider these medicines a hearty placebo, effects of which are widely recognized, even in the allopathic medicinal community; taking this remedy, will allow you a small window of time and space for introspection around the issue which it brings up.  They are myth you're making for yourself, a new story you're telling, a re-patterning our brains, dreams, beliefs. 

 How do I take it?

 Shake this medicine well to activate it. Spray in the space that you'd like to clear, or spritz into the air and walk through it. You can also use it to clear any objects that need an energetic shift, such as stones, divination tools etc.


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