The Swords - A Tarot Essence of Air, Intellect & Clarity

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The Swords - A Tarot Essence of Air, Intellect & Clarity



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What is this remedy?

The essence of the suit Swords in Tarot

What's in this remedy?

The essences of the suit of S W O R D S / The 4 Winds / Turkey Vulture / Hawk / Pearly Everlasting & Foxglove in Rose-infused vodka & Rose honey.

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What is this remedy?

An invitation to divination, an ancient Earth practice.

The suit of S W O R D S is the suit of the intellect, of the element of Air, untethered to this Earth, free to roam, imagine, create castles with solid foundations of reason. This is the suit of clarity, tough out of balance it certainly can overlook the important elements of emotions & inspirations & practical concerns.

It is a powerful blend of elements & beings that embody the strongest virtues of the suit of  S W O R D S as well as the cards themselves. Hawk brings far-reaching vision, Foxglove, courage in the face of the abyss, the Four Winds perspective, un-muddled.

For whom is this essence blend? Tarot readers of all stripes, unfocused dreamers, grad students, researchers, seekers of truth amid the lies, those suffering from brain fog, or inability to concentrate. 

What’s the point of taking flower / elements / place / animal / metal / stone essences?

Like all sympathetic magic, flower essences can be viewed in two ways: if one believes that we human beings are vibrationally tuned into our surroundings, then ingesting the vibrations of certain plants, or elements in a medium can then help alter our own vibrations. Or if that seems much too woo-woo, one can consider these medicines a hearty placebo, effects of which are widely recognized, even in the allopathic medicinal community; taking this remedy, will allow you a small window of time and space for introspection around the issue which it brings up.  They are myth you're making for yourself, a new story you're telling, a re-patterning our brains, dreams, beliefs. 

 How do I take it?

 Shake this medicine well before taking it.

 Take a dropper-full at a time

 Take this medicine with intention. Flower essences, like all medicine, are to be taken when an alteration of course is needed. I consider them a mild “mind-altering” substance, something that will set you right when you need it, not to be taken constantly to mask our problems. Especially good when combined with meditation, deep talks, long walks, or alternately when none of the above is available and you need some encouragement.

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This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. Keep out of the reach of children./ Consult your healthcare provider before taking/ 1-3 dropper-full per day as needed, can be mixed in water.  

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