Tarot Consultation (1 Hour) Affordable

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Tarot Consultation (1 Hour) Affordable


🌕  Happy Full Moon Folks🌕

What is this medicine?

It's a Tarot reading via email from yours truly! Are you wondering what the New Year might bring? What lessons your guides, spirits, or subconscious self might have for you? Well, wonder no more! We will do an 11 card Celtic Cross with thorough explanations of your cards and their interplay. You will receive it in your inbox on Sunday January 7th, and have all year to take in the lessons and medicines of the reading. 

Please note: this reading will be delivered to the email address on the order, unless you specify otherwise. 

The Future Is Untold - Discover Yours

There are times when we all feel lost at the sea of choices, changes, and possibilities. Sometimes we are afraid of facing tough choices, unaware of our own powers, or can't see the truths staring at us right in the face. 

Getting a Tarot reading around an issue, can help crystallize those truths, uncover hidden strengths, and weaknesses, and help strengthen our resolve. 

Like all self-care, getting a Tarot reading is time we take to address our needs.  Instead of taking medicine, body-oiling, or herbal bathing, this one is for exploring our deep emotional needs,  an opportunity for mental house cleaning, and addressing any demons still residing in the nooks and crannies of daily lives. 

Special terms and conditions: 

A Tarot consultation is based on mutual trust between The Reader and The Querent, please be kind, patient, and courteous, I will do the same. I look forward to working with you to help you realize the dreams, goals, and hidden powers you have. 

(Because of the unique nature of this product, I reserve the right to refuse a reading with a full refund, should anything about it seem off to me. Reading Tarot can be very taxing on one's mental, emotional, and psychic energy, and leaves one vulnerable to the energy of others.)

About Me

I've been reading The Tarot for about 20 years now. For a long time, I only read for myself, and occasionally friends who asked. It was something private, and intimate, even secret, for me. 

In 2013, something shifted for me in that arena, with a discovery of Kim Krans' The Wild Unknown Tarot. After receiving this deck, I felt a powerful new call to read the cards of others. At first, I started reading only for friends and family, but soon expanded that to total strangers, at our Farmers Market, and private sessions. It's been a wild, wonderful, and moving experience for me and the folks we've entrusted their questions in my hands. 

With the increasing volume of requests from my readers and internet friends, I'm excited to explore this medium, to get to know some of you good folks better. 

I don't know what other qualifications I can give you, except to quote my Astrologer friend Demetria, upon discovering that of my planets Moon, Mercury and Mars all land on my Sun sign, Aqurius:

"You're, like, too psychic to function!" ;D

I look forward to discovering your Future with you<3
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