"Pollen Protection"-Nettle and Feverfew

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"Pollen Protection"-Nettle and Feverfew



Organic Vodka / Organic Nettle / Feverfew / Chamomile 

🌕 soothing / energizing / opening / stalling the "sniffles" / head-clearing / 🌕



Does springtime mean sniffles to you? Yeah, me as well.

One of my all time fixes has always been taking Nettle tincture, and drinking Nettle tea (dried in the winter and fresh in the spring) as a course over the mid-winter and into the allergy season.

Even still, when the pollen really gets going, I get crazy bouts of sneezes, runny nose, and sinus stuffiness, and my fix is: this tincture. These herbs together helps me stop the sneezing, gain my equilibrium, and feel consistently better on spring days. The combination of Nettle's antihistamines (an active component replicated in most allopathic allergy medicine) and her anti-inflammtory constituents, chamomile's soothing action, and feverfews's increasing of blood flow to move the medicine through provide relief on those tough days.

I hope it helps ya out! <3

Ps. My other fave tips for stalling allergy attacks are: 

-washing my face with cold water to reduce pollen entering my eyes and nose, and to sooth my body.

 -placing an ice compress onto my nose and sinuses to sooth my system while it's freaking out.

-steaming with eucalyptus / mint / nettle to intake more soothing compounds and open those miserably clogged sinuses


1-3 dropper-fills per day as needed, can be mixed in warm water.  Do not take consistently for longer than 10 days. Please note: Fewerfew is a blood thinning herb, if you are prone to nosebleeds, a woman about to get her period or pregnant, or are otherwise prone to bleeding this herb may increase the blood flow. As you start taking medicine it's always good to study up.

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