Make Magic Every Day - Tarot Zine

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Make Magic Every Day - Tarot Zine



🌕  Happy Full Moon Folks🌕

I've been reading Tarot for a long time now. Or maybe I'm just O L D. Either way, I've been working with this form of divination for more than 20 years! (Yeah, I'm old.)

So you could say that this zine is a long time coming. 

In the past 3 years I've started teaching my particular approach to Tarot: it's medicine as a tool for self-care, for learning to use our intuition, and embrace our budding spiritual practices, all the while keeping our divination grounded & accessible.

This little zine lays our the the basics, the practices, and a few ways to incorporate a Tarot practice in your daily life, and create more ritual and meaning in your world.

It is part of Fireweed & Nettle's new line of Tarot essences! They are unveiled for this season of divination during the dark time of the Wheel of The Year, as well as the coming of The Gregorian New Year, a time when we usually re-calibrate our compasses & look for guidance in new ventures. 

If you want to embrace every day magic and make your world more connected, wild, & meaningful, this is the zine for you.


Fits in yer pocket, 9 pages of insight & pretty illustrations by Mali Fischer

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