"FIRELIGHT" -A Chai Elixir

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"FIRELIGHT" -A Chai Elixir



IT'S BACK! Everyone's favorite instant-spicy-tea-in-a-bottle / digestive stimulant / delicious cocktail spice-bitters!


organic brandy/ organic small batch wildflower honey/ organic chai spices: all spice/ coriander/ black pepper/ cardamon/ cinnamon/ ginger (there ain't nothing cheap or easy in this blend which explains both its potency and price point)

🌕warming/ energizing/ opening/ awakening/ digestive fire kindling/ vitality/ heart/ circulation/ joyful mood🌕

What is this remedy?

MY GREATEST INVENTION. No biggie. But seriously. I am a motherf***ing genius. Just saying'. After years of making this spicy tea at a local cafe, I wish I could have an instant version of it, something I could carry with me for my most sluggish moments.

his fragrant, spicy, delicious food medicine will knock your socks off! If you love hot Chai, this is the medicine for you <3

The official unofficial name of this medicine is "Kapha Cats Elixir" and it was invented for the joy, comfort, and awekenement of folks who in any healing system fall under the watery, earthy constitution.

Because man are those guys sluggish ;) 

In Ayurvedic medicine, Kaphas are considered to have water-y, slow moving constitutions with damp digestive fires, a yen for fatty foods, and a tendency towards sleep, and slow digestion.

This elixir is geared towards gently lighting the proverbial fire under waterlogged folks, warming them up and getting them energized without caffeine, or otherwise stimulating in an unhealthy way. 

It's appeal however is universal.  Everyone benefits from the medicine of Chai, a blend of spices that has been served in India and other surrounding areas for millennia as a warming tea blend (Chai literally means 'tea'). It's great for the dark winter season, and in the form of this syrup contains no black tea, though tea can be added to it. It's simply a hug for your whole body, radiating warmth from your belly up into your circulatory system, and firing up those winter-weary synapses.

15% of proceeds from this product will be donated to a school project in India (this is a one-time project a friend is leading, but I'd love to hear of small non-profit NGOs working particularly in girl's education in India or Pakistan, if anyone's got good leads, email me @ fireweedandnettle@gmail.com)


Take as is, a dropperful at a time. It's lovely digestive when you've still got chores or work after dinner.  Since it's food-medicine, it would be hard for you to overdose on it, although it does contain alcohol so be mindful of that. It's great added to warm water, as an instant chai mix. It's great added to hot or cold "adult beverages" and generally, warming, healing and delicious. 

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This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease. Keep out of the reach of children. Consult your healthcare provider before taking/ 1-3 dropper-full per day as needed, can be mixed in water.  

None of the above are medical claims about the effectiveness of this product and this product is not an FDA approved drug. Please take care to make sure ANY herbal medicine you take agrees with the any allopathic medicine you may also be taking. Taking herbal medicine is a personal choice and we assume no liability in any decisions you make regarding your healthcare or products you take. (if you'd like to learn more about my personal recommendations, you can read my post about the reasons why I practice plant medicine )<3 Thank you <3

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