"Hedgerow Oxymel"

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"Hedgerow Oxymel"


🌕 Happy Full Moon! 🌕


Hedgerow Oxymel - powerful berry bodies of Hawthrown & Nootka Rosehips in organic Apple Cider Vinegar & Wildflower Honey double infused with rosehips

1 OZ-🌕Immune-support/ Vitamin C / Heart Healing / Digestive Power / Bloodflow / Energy Boost / Balancing / Delicious 🌕

This Oxymel from two powerful Hedgerow Plants is just what you need to kick that looming cold, give yourself a little boost, or carry onward with a full heart and healthy body, at times when either feels like they're under assault. Hawthorn's legendary balancing powers, combined with heart-opening of Rose, marry perfectly to the more every day magic of digestion, one of the primary powers of Apple Cider Vinegar.

The bitter with the sweet, is the magic of Oxymels and our family owes a lot of our winter health and summer resistance to bugs and stress to these medicines. As a carrier of medicine our Rosehip Honey contains much anti-bacterial power, potent with the vitamins inherent in those hips. The combination of honey and vinegar, is the perfect aid to both sooth troubled stomachs, and start the digestive processes.

I carry Oxymels in my purse just to be sure to add that little extra kick to pre-meal digestion, or if I start feeling like something is coming on during my travels. Just a little help from your friends in the hedge... 



Take as is, a dropper-full at time, especially before meals, or if we feel like a cold coming on. Can also be mixed in a cup of warm water.

1 OZ

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