"Free Love" - A Radical Self Love Potion

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"Free Love" - A Radical Self Love Potion


๐ŸŒ• Happy Full Moon! ๐ŸŒ•

What is this remedy? 

The Essence of Hawthorn Blossoms, The Elixir of Hawthorn Berries, Blossoms, Leaves/ Branch & Thorns in Organic Apple Brandy/ Small batch organic, bio-regional Honey/ Vanilla bean & a bit of well-water

๐ŸŒ• open Hearts/ mending + healing/ emotional courage/ strength in ourselves/ letting love in/ giving love out/ ancestral & generational healing/ discovery of our best selves/ physical Heart-health/ blood-flow magic๐ŸŒ•

What is this remedy for?

I don't believe in "love potions". That is, I don't believe that we can effect the feelings of others before we do the work on ourselves. (Certainly we can take a few things to make us feel juicy, magical & attractive, but we can't effect change in the feelings of others, nor should we.)

What I believe is, we can work on loving others as ourselves, with open hearts, compassion, and empathy. 

But more than that, we can work on opening ourselves to reconciling old hurts, past patterns, and ancient grudges.

Hawthorn is the perfect ally in that realm, opening and mending the heart, moving blood through the body, both physically and spiritually. Like her sister, Rose, Hawthorn possess a mighty strength in opening, but unlike Rose, she is all about reaching in, restoring and letting go. 

I take Hawthorn, not just for her immediate effect on broken hearts (aren't they a plenty in these times), to let go of fear and old useless emotional clutter, but for ancestral healing and generational healing as well. She's a powerful companion in this journey of learning to love more, better, and beyond romance. 

Whatโ€™s the point of taking flower essences?

Like all sympathetic magic, flower essences can be viewed in two ways: if one believes that we human beings are vibrationally tuned into our surroundings, then ingesting the vibrations of certain plants, or elements in a medium can then help alter our own vibrations. Or if that seems much too woo-woo, one can consider these medicines a hearty placebo, effects of which are widely recognized, even in the allopathic medicinal community; taking this remedy, will allow you a small window of time and space for introspection around the issue which it brings up. It will renew your belief in the power of the unseen, and let you open up your tenderest places to new healing. 

As Depeche Mode says in the song this remedy is named after:

"If you've been hiding from L O V E/

I can understand where you're coming from/

If you've suffered enough/

I can understand what you're thinking of/

I can see the pain you're frightened of/

And I'm only here/

To bring you F R E E  L O V E/

No hidden catch/

No strings attached/

Just F R E E  L O V E..."

...and they say you'll forever be attached to the music you listened two when you were 21...

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