"Flower Magic In A Bottle" A Flower Essence Practices Zine

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"Flower Magic In A Bottle" A Flower Essence Practices Zine



๐ŸŒ• Happy Full Moon! ๐ŸŒ•

3rd Edition of this zine! More pages and a different look!

Whenever I'm teaching, selling my remedies, or even just discussing plant spirit medicine, I get the inevitable questions:

"What are flower essences?" followed by "How do I take them?"

This zine, is  my answer to that question. At 10 pages and that old-school zine-vibe, it's an easy reference guide to simple flower essence practices, and a good start to decoding these ancient messages from the plant world.

In it, I discuss  taking essences, making ritual space with them, and one of my all-time-favorite-topics: THE PLACEBO EFFECT, and how it's just another term for self-healing and magic and good vibrations between beings.

(I don't follow the particulars of the Bach Flower Essence methods, as I'm more drawn to local flora, and intuiting one's own medicine, but I definitely believe he's hella legit.)

As someone who started making zines in high-school and is now in the business of publishing one on the regular, it was deeply satisfying to create this little baby using the age-old cut & paste technique. It's both no-nonsense + deeply magical. You know, Milla-style...

I think you'll love it!

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