"Don't Stand So Close To Me" - The essence of Wild Yarrow

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"Don't Stand So Close To Me" - The essence of Wild Yarrow


🌕 Happy Full Moon! 🌕


🌕boundary setting / listening to your inner voice / intuitive strength / self healing / choosing relations wisely / establishing good patters / dreaming meeting reality / our own power🌕

What's in this remedy?

Essence of Wild Yarrow , New Moon in Gemini in Yarrow vodka, wildflower honey & well-water

1/2 OZ

How do I take it?

Those of us with porous boundaries have a lot to handle, eh? It is easy to let your empathetic, kind side sort of let folks walk over your needs, feelings, & opinions. Fret not though, standing in our own power we're able to start firming up those boundaries, establish better patterns, and follow our dreams & instincts instead of the lead of others, or our fears of not being accepted as we are.

This medicine can help us do just that, to navigate tricky family situations, workplace drama, or our relations with pushy beloveds, or brash strangers. Yarrow is both our armor and a firm, but loving friend. Carry her in your purse for protection, and add on the magic of The Dark Moon of Gemini, who'll help us examine our motives, and reflect on where we give our power away, or need to tighten our security.

What’s the point of taking flower essences?

Like all sympathetic magic, flower essences can be viewed in two ways: if one believes that we human beings are vibrationally tuned into our surroundings, then ingesting the vibrations of certain plants, or elements in a medium can then help alter our own vibrations. Or if that seems much too woo-woo, one can consider these medicines a hearty placebo, effects of which are widely recognized, even in the allopathic medicinal community; taking this remedy, will allow you a small window of time and space for introspection around the issue which it brings up. It will renew your belief in the power of the unseen, and let you open up your tenderest places to new healing. They are myth you're making for yourself, a new story you're telling, a re-patterning our brains, dreams, beliefs... 

All of  my essences are "dosage bottles", you can dilute them further, or take as they are.

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