"Cough + Cold Guardian" An Elixir Of All The GOOD WINTER LOVERS

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"Cough + Cold Guardian" An Elixir Of All The GOOD WINTER LOVERS




organic brandy/ organic wildflower honey/ Hawthorn/ Nootka Rose/ Elderberry/ Elecampane/ Echinacea/ Love/ Magic/ Earth's Promises

Heart mending & opening/ Cough subduing/ Soothing/ Warming/ Loving/ Immune Supporting/ Germ fighting/ Wild/ Daring/ Tender/ Sensual/ Light in the dark/ Vitamin Rich/ Hearth Medicine

What is this remedy for?

reventing, treating, and mending coughs, colds fevers and the like, keeping and open heart and feeling loved up and well-cared for, even as we're a little down with the cold season. 

This remedy has all of the most potent Earth Fruits of the Northern Old and New World. They are a powerful ally to our immune system in these dark times, and combined with brandy and honey they are great at warming and opening our systems for a freer flow.

Rich in vitamin C, Rosehips are an age-old Scandinavian and Slavic remedy, a fruit for long winters without living food.  These hips can kick any cold, especially mixed in with some warm water. Hawthorn, their relation in germ-busting power, and heart healing, is also rich in vitamins, and able to ease our feverish minds. Elderberry carries much of the same lovely powers, but is even more potent both in prevention and mending. I have loved using Elecampane as a throat-soothing expectorant, and have many a memory of less delicious of  dropper-full of Echinacea to prevent colds as kid,so I've paired her with better-tasting friends here. 


How do I take this medicine?

Straight as is, or in warm water, or as cocktail syrup. I recommend a rooibos tea with ginger, lemon, honey and if you wish a snifter of whisky.

A dropper-full with some garlic and ginger, and maybe whisky, is my go-to remedy for nipping winter colds in the bud.

Take with intention and acknowledgement of your healing powers and need for rest, nourishment, and calm no matter where you are in your cold.

What's In It?

Wildcrafted Hawthorn Haws (leaves, branches + berries), Wild Nootka Rose blossoms, leaves & hips, wildcrafted Elderberries, garden-grow Elecampane  Root and Echinacea Root + Blossom

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