Cat Balm - A Balm for opening sinuses & moving illness through

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Cat Balm - A Balm for opening sinuses & moving illness through



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Cat Balm!

So, you remember Tiger Balm? That crazy awesome salve that every hippie mom rubbed on their kid's temples & nostrils when they had a chest-cold? Yeah, that thing that gave me burns on my temples more than once? Yeah. That stuff. I think it's actually muscle rub.  

1/2 OZ Birch Salve


When you have a cold dab it on your temples and under your nose where it'll sooth, moisturize & help clear congestion. You can also rub it on your chest. It smells refreshing & is GENTLE unlike the original Tiger Balm. Birch has powerful antibacterial constituents and according to my people's lore & lived experience is lovely for skin. She'll help you keep your nose in better shape and help you take care of those catnaps too.


Does it contain cats?

Noup! That's just a funny pun on Tiger Balm. Also it'll hopefully help you sleep with less congestion & sleeping is what cats thrive at. 

Is it for cats?

Noup! Unless you wanna get the bejeebers scratched out of you! That could be invigorating.

What's in it:

Ingredients: birch leaves infused in organic olive oil, Essential oils of Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Rosemary & Fir.

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