"Bear Awakening" - A Spring Potion for Rising and Connecting

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"Bear Awakening" - A Spring Potion for Rising and Connecting


๐ŸŒ• Happy Full Moon! ๐ŸŒ•


An Elixir of Osha Root, Angelica Root, Nettles,  & The Flower Essence of Nettle, in Blueberry & Honey - infused brandy

๐ŸŒ• rising from slumber / spring nourishment / regeneration / grounding / deep connection to the awakening earth / first food / ancestral power /  ๐ŸŒ•


This remedy bridges the worlds, just like many of my favorite potions:

On the one hand, it is legitimate spring nourishment. Nettle, the ancestral food of my people (and likely many of your people) is rich with calcium, minerals, regenerative and anti-inflammatory constituents.

 Osha root, identified as a "Bear Medicine" by the First Nations folks of many Nations of Turtle Island, is a powerhouse of anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and anti-bacterial constituents. it also has the powers of aiding other medicines in their actions and building up blood, and helping regulate its flow. (The Osha in this medicine comes from a land-tending friend who restores plants and harvests small quantities over time. Osha is on the list of wild plants United Plant Savers regards as in danger from over-harvest. Good alternatives for Osha, if you don't have sustainable sources are Liquorice root, Ashwaghanda, and Elecampane.)

Angelica Archangelica also builds up blood and has a positive effect on our digestive health. Like Nettle it is a favored food among the people of the Boreal Taiga, although it is consumed as fresh food slightly later in the season. The Angelica root, like Osha, is a sought-out spring food-medicine of Bears after they awake from hibernation.

All three plants in their own ways help us with breathing easier, whether its by increasing bronchial flow, or damping down the effects of airborne pollens and the ensuing allergies. 

But then...there are the magical properties...

You see, the central tenet of my own hodge-podge, hedgewitch practice of plant medicine; one part ancestral food-knowledge, one part countless books classes and years of practice, and at least a part of that mystery of intuition, of listening is this: Plants are more than their constituents. Because while there are many, measurable benefits to taking medicinal herbs, and tinctures, teas potions and tonics made from them, the immeasurable, emotional, spiritual benefits are a part of their effect. 

The magic benefits of these herbs, honey & berries are buried in our ancestral practice of honoring the rebirth of Mother Earth with rituals birthing ourselves and our communities into a new cycle. After the long slumber, the seasonal death of Winter, the arctic and subarctic people renewed their relations with the powers of the Earth, rising once again out of their own internal, storied, winter-nests into active participation and connection with the Earth.

In my Boreal tradition both Angelica and Nettle are perfect examples of medicines that have the dual powers of food AND medicine. 

Nettle is an ancestral food for much of the Northern Hemisphere, nourishing the bodies of our ancestors with her incredibly rich constituents, after the long winter of scarce food and limited vegetation. Our bodies are literally made from this plant, and she is our ancestor in a very direct way through that lineage. 

Angelica Archangelica, named so by medieval Christian Monks, because they too recognized the shamanic powers of this plant, well-known to the indigenous people of Northern Europe and Russia; is also a popular food plant of the Northern Taiga. Yet at the same time it is widely established as a powerful connector between this and the other realms, particularly do to the plant's connection with our Ancestor Spirit: The Bear, whom we consider our great grandfather, our Mother's Cousin, the Old Man of The Forest, and the Son of Our main paternal deities. There are many similarities in the spirit of this plant and the use of their root, to the Indigenous uses of Osha Root.

If you are feeling depleted, unmoored, marooned, groggy, inexplicably blue in this season of increased light and splendor, disconnected, lost from your people, in need of more connection to the other realms, to your own ancestors, to the wild side of your own nature, and to Mother Nature herself, this might be a remedy for you.



A dropper-full once a day in spring time in the morning, until it's gone. With intention. Feel free to take at other times of the day, especially if you're combining this remedy with a ritual practice.

Warning: may cause rambunctious, bear-like behavior ;)

Read more about my practices and medicine here

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