"Bathing With Birches" - A Steam Bath of Birch Medicine

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"Bathing With Birches" - A Steam Bath of Birch Medicine



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A facial steam of beautiful Scandinavian Birch Medicine!!! Works for your bath too! 

What's in this remedy?

Birch /  Lemon Balm / Evening Primrose / Witch Hazel / Wild Rose

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Dreams of steams or WHAT IS THIS MEDICINE?

Steam-healing is an ancestral practice I'm forever attracted, whether it be with herbs, or in the form of steam-filled Turkish baths, or the magic of Löyly spirit heating up the Finnish Sauna (more about that in an upcoming zine!). How could I not be pumped about steam when I happen to carry lines from two massively bathing oriented cultures. If I happened to discover some Japanese ancestry (not likely, sadly, though I've always felt a resonance with that culture) I'd get to embody the holy triumvirate of steaming cultures.

Facial steaming to clear out impurities in skin is something I learned from my mom as a teenager, but the inspiration for this blend lays just as much in the Finnish bathing culture of using Birch branches to stimulate blood & lymph flow in a sauna. The smell of the essential oils birch leaves release in heat is utter magical to me.

Birch is associated with youth and beauty, her spirit often pictured as young maiden. She is the tree of midsummer, of Solstice, and her medicine is carried with us into the winter in many ways, including dried birch leaves. 

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