F I R E W E E D  &  N E T T L E

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved plants, and known them to be medicine. Many of my oldest friends are plants. Growing up in woods, fields, & lake shores of boreal Finland, my relationship with the Earth has always been animistic, informed by the deep knowing of my ancestors that nature is not an "other".

I named my small herbal business “Fireweed & Nettle” after two of my favorite sub-arctic plant allies. To me, they are like two sisters embodying the feminine energies, resilience, nourishment, joy of summer abundance & kitchen magic.

Growing up in a bio-region that one of my ancestral lines has inhabited for countless generations, and learning old knowledge from family, relatives and elders from a young age, has imprinted my medicine practice deeply. Though I now live in the Pacific Northwest Coast of the US, I continue to relate to plants in the same way I always did: listening to what they ask of me.

It's been a long, winding, and sometimes solitary journey, but little by little, that practice of creating medicine for friends and family has grown into a small business, focused on local and seasonal ingredients.

The things I make and share, are the very same things I take for my own physical and emotional health, and the things I give to my friends, family & loved ones.

For most of my formulations, I use local, seasonal plants, either wildcrafted, or grown by me, as well as some high quality, organic and sustainable ingredients from good sources. 

I hope that you enjoy sharing my medicine. Thanks for supporting local witches ;)