photo by Demetria Provatas

photo by Demetria Provatas

F I R E W E E D  &  N E T T L E

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved plant spirits, and known them to be medicine. Many of my oldest friends are plants. 

Growing up in woods, fields, & lake shores of boreal Finland, my relationship with the Earth has always been animistic, informed by the deep knowing of my ancestors that nature is not an "other", but in fact we are nature.

I named my small herbal business “Fireweed & Nettle” after two of my favorite sub-arctic plant allies. To me, they are like two sisters embodying the feminine energies, resilience, nourishment, joy of summer abundance & kitchen magic.

Growing up in a bio-region that one of my ancestral lines has inhabited for countless generations, and learning old knowledge from family, relatives and elders from a young age, has imprinted my medicine practice deeply. Though I now live in the Pacific Northwest Coast of the US, I continue to relate to plants in the same way I always did: listening to what they ask of me.

It's been a long, winding, and sometimes solitary journey, but little by little, that practice of creating medicine for friends and family has grown into a small business, focused on local and seasonal ingredients. It has been an organic process, one that continues to surprise and, at times, baffle me.

The medicines  I make and share, are the very same things I take for my own physical and emotional health, and the things I give to my friends, family & loved ones. They are small batch, sustainable, seasonal slow-as-molasses (or local honey) medicine, and by default deeply intentional.

For most of my formulations, I use local, seasonal plants, either wildcrafted, or grown by me, as well as some high quality, organic and sustainable ingredients from good sources. I aspire to make medicine that is healing, not just on the physical, constituents-based level, but on an emotional, ancestral, spiritual, mythological, magical level. It is my hope that these medicines will inspire to create your own practices, plant connections, and magic. It may not be a sustainable business model, but it is my hope that through my work I can facilitate the kinds of connections between folk and land that help us decolonize our medicine, build new paradigms, and become more land-based. So like, no big deal, right?

While medicine is the message, one way to speak my truth and do as I'm told by Ancestors, Plants, Places & other Spirits, it is not my calling to "sell" "products". It is simply one facet of telling my story and joining it into the stories of others.

In this shop you will also find my writings on witchcraft, ancestral skills, plant medicine, magic, activism, decolonizing ourselves & countless other topics. However, since money is not the objective of my work (although I do need it to keep my body sheltered, fed, clothed and generally existing), like most of my fellow folk herbalists and plantfolk I do offer a lot of F R E E  resources as well.

Sign up for my newsletter, you can follow me on facebook, instagram, or my blog, and check out my reads section for some of those resources. If you're interested in supporting my writing and learning more about my ancestral medicine & witchcraft practices, check out "Be Your Own Witch", my on-going, affordable online zines.

I hope that you enjoy sharing my medicine. Thanks for supporting local witches ;)