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::Ancestral Herbalism (w/ Amber Hill)::

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If you're interested in hosting a workshop, feel free to contact me at fireweedandnettle@gmail.com

::C L A S S   S C H E D U L E::

In  the Winter & Spring 2017 I will be teaching a number of Tarot Reading & Herbal workshops up and down the West coast. You will find information about the where/ when/ how aspects of these workshops here.


I'm thrilled to return for my second Spirit Weavers Gathering in beautiful Oregon. Plant magic, witch practice, and sister shenanigans will ensue. 


                                           5/ 5-7 Uplift Skill Share W/ Sisters of The Tide Orcas Island, WA

                                        Join us for a magical retreat of wild women for Uplift Skill Share.

I will be sharing a local plant walk, meditation, and bioregional conversation around the property, as well as a class on the Medicine of Trees.


                                                        3/ 5&6 /17Sea Grape, Portland, Oregon

This class is an introduction to beginning your own practice as folk herbalist, the basics of how to begin incorporating herbal medicine into our daily lives. We will discuss the interconnectedness of plant spirit medicine, earth-activism, and rewilding.
This class also encompasses ancestry work, embracing one's own lore and discovering one's own unique medicine path by uncovering folk traditions in our family lines.
It's a whole holistic package of opening the door for one's inner Witch to answer the call of these times we live in.
Participants will receive one or two potions they've made, and a handout.


                                                    3/3/17 Sea Grape, Portland, Oregon

                      This class is about creating a daily practice to talk to your intuition/ subconscious self, to clarify for yourself what your big questions are, and start figuring out how to answer them. We'll learn how to create space for ritual in our busy lives, what Tarot can and cannot tell you, and how to ask good questions to get                                                                                accurate answers. 

                         +++++++ 20 Minute Tarot Readings Friday 1PM - 4.30 ++++++++

                                               BOOK @ fireweedandnettle@gmail.com

                                                                  Flower Magics Workshop 

                                  8/27/16 11AM-3PM (on Lopez Island, WA @ Pachamama Apothecary)

Come learn about the many magics of flowers, from myself and my flower farmer friend Lindsey of Dancing Flower Farm, here on the Island. We will explore flower arranging, make crowns, and learn how to create magic potions, also known as Flower Essences ;) 

Participants will receive a magic potion, a small floral arrangement and flower crown of their own making. Kids welcome, as long as they can amuse themselves with fairy fixings. 

    To book tickets contact Anna @pachamama

The Spirit Weavers Gathering 

6/2-6/2016 AND 6/9-13/2016

I'll be teaching my Tarot class "Make Magic Every Day", a "Wild Knowledge" wildcrafting class, and most excitingly Root Medicine: Ancestral Remembrance and Folk Herbalism class with Amber of Aquarian Dawn at The Spirit Weavers Gathering. <3 Amber and I hope to bring Root Medicine to some other locations after the 13th as well, so keep your eyes peeled >>----F