::C L A S S E S   T A U G H T ::

::Be Your Own Witch::

-An intensive (4-20 hours) on beginning an ancestral, land-based, Earth-magic practice, decolonizing our heritages, plant communications, medicine making as a craft, and cooking and creating with our lineage.-

::Plant Medicine for The Age of Loneliness::

- How do plants assist us in these wild, troubled, and powerful times? How do we navigate the planetary loneliness in the anthropocene? What is our work in reciprocity with the Land in the age of mass extinctions & climate crises? How can we support each other, without centering humanity in an extractive way?-

::Tree Medicine (sometimes w/ Ayana Young)::

-My Ancestors are Tree People, and so are yours, most likely. Trees are a huge part of the spirituality, lore, medicine-food culture of my subarctic folk, and in this class we share about these beings, as sovereign, benign beings co-creating the habitable world, as ancient deities, medicine plants, and magical spirits.-

:: Bathing with Birches::

:: Wild Knowledge::

-A class on wildcrafting in the country & the city that covers, reciprocity, asking for permission, identification, sitting with the land, decolonizing and indigenous plants on stolen lands, and medicine before harvest.

::Ancestral Herbalism (sometimes w/ Amber Hill) / Plants as Ancestors::

::Make Magic Everyday::

::Simple Medicine Preparations For Each Season::

::Flower Magics (w/ Lindsey Cummins)::

If you're interested in hosting a workshop, feel free to contact me at fireweedandnettle@gmail.com

::C L A S S   S C H E D U L E::

In  the Winter & Spring 2018 I will be teaching a number of Herbal / Tarot / Ancestral Medicine workshops up & down the West Coast. You will find information about the where/ when/ how aspects of these workshops here.


I'm thrilled to return for my 3rd Spirit Weavers Gathering in beautiful Oregon. Plant magic, witch practice, and sister shenanigans will ensue. 


I'm excited to travel to Colorado with my best girl