Community supported herbalism! Seasonal Medicine in your mailbox four times a year!

Around  each Solstice and Equinox customers will receive a combination of seasonally appropropriate tinctures, teas, vinegars, oils, oxymels, honeys, flower essences, elixirs, kitchen spices, salves and other medicines. These will primarily be made by Callie & Milla, the Northsea Medicine Collective, though we may occasionally invite local herbalists to collaborate. Each package will contain instructions on use, recipes, wellness tips, reflections on the season and other stories.

*Local and/ or organic ingredients only.

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Each season (Solstices and Equinoxes) you will receive a carefully crafted box of herbal medicines, recipes, stories and practices.

These boxes will contain 5-7 seasonal medicine products, including tinctures, honeys, teas, flower essences, salves, elixirs, vinegars, and many other preparations.

This offering is intended to provide:

-Deeper connection with the seasons

-Increased knowledge of daily herbal practices

-Working with plants for better overall wellness

-Products to build up your own herbal medicine cabinet

-Fun kitchen medicine and magic


our first offering:

winter solstice // yule offering

Bonfire Cider Oxymel

Elderberry Elixir

A Warming Balm

A Body Oil

Immune Tea

Herbal Chai

An Herbal Bone broth Pack

+ instructions + magic + stories + recipes.