In A City By The Sea

Last week, we had the pleasure of hanging out with Ms. Phoebe Wahl for a little bit, while we were visiting a museum exhibit in her hometown. Phoebe was kind enough to make room for us on her couch, and take us to all the best, thriftiest spots, and most delicious eateries.

It's really fun to visit a city with a native, someone who knows exactly where the best spots are, and who has stories about every corner, and every street, knows every waitress, and chic older lady who's shopping for fabric...

As a fellow small town gal (my hometown is the same size, but nowhere near as cool…) walking around like that made me feel right at home.

Hanging out with Phoebe (again!) was like hanging out with the oldest of (young ;) friends.

We found so much to talk about, that we practically never did shut up. I think our incessant chatter was at times a bit much for quiet old Charlie, but he actually said that he enjoyed listening to the conversations we were having. Mostly about feminism, the nature of art, kid's books, institutionalized racism, the homesteading movement, ancient women, the origins of Finns, herbalism, women's bodies, activism, embroidered blouses, the internet, and how much we both love stuff. No, but seriously, maybe it's our Aquarius natures, but we had a rather good time together. I returned fired up with ideas, and dreams, and can-do-spirit.

Phoebe's boyfriend Peter, and Charlie got on great too, and we look forward to returning their welcoming sweetness, when they come and visit us on the Island. It'll be particularly good, if the guys can occasionally head out to wood-project-land, while we talk, craft, and cackle. 

I could of course tell you about Phoebe's house, which is like my dreamland, the place your wild, magical artist aunt lived when you were little, but honestly, I was trying my hardest not to be that blogger-friend who takes pictures of everything. Thankfully, we had so much to discuss, that I only managed to get a few snaps anyways. So you're just gonna have to trust me that Phoebe's home is as good as her art

We did discover that it's probably a good thing that we don't live in the same town, because frankly, we're both huge thrift-enablers. That Kettle of Scandinavian Gnomehood, Phoebe is carrying, I practically coerced her to buy it. I have to say too, that my apparel diet suffered some major blows in her presence, as we hit the good junk stores, and the sweet Value Village. One cardigan, a Huipil blouse in need of some mending, a dress, a skirt...

The ultimate place of indulgence and joy, was visiting the Rag Finery, a recycling heaven, filled with neatly organized craft materials, from silk embroidery floss, to wool, printed cottons, fat quarters, leather, lace, and all the things gals like us could ever need. 

It was so inspiring to be surrounded by beautiful, affordable, unexpected materials, that I'm pretty sure I went a little overboard. This spot will be on my list of place to lolligag in even longer next time. 

Being in this little city with Phoebe and Peter, was such a balm after the busyness of Seattle, and made me realize that it really is just a short bus ride away from our ferry landing. 

Next time I need some brainy, fun gal-time, I might just hop on the bus with all my ideas and craft materials, and head Phoebe's way. Thank you again for your generosity and hospitality, guys! 

Got an inspiring friend? Tell me all about them.