Wear Red In Spring, Little Sheep, Under The Dark Of The Moon...

In case I haven't made it painfully obvious already, I'm decidedly the mystical, superstitious-type. I read the Tarot, set up small altars everywhere, I have my ear pressed to the ground for signs, omens and gut-feelings. Whether they're actually any more than that, something mysterious outside my own intuition, is another matter, one that I would love to discuss sometime, but for today's purposes let's just say that the woo-woo is strong in this one.

Green knit- free from the Dump 2015/ Red dress-thrifted 2013/ Rubber boots- gifted new 2011/ tights-?

Green knit- free from the Dump 2015/ Red dress-thrifted 2013/ Rubber boots- gifted new 2011/ tights-?

Last night, the New Moon moved into Aquarius for the second time, and made a powerful alliance with Pisces. And today is Chinese New Year! Not just any old Chinese New Year either, but for the third time in my life, it's the Year Of The Sheep, my own sweet Zodiac sign. It's of course, the Wood Sheep and I'm an Earth Sheep, but sheep is sheep. Personally, I couldn't wait to get off that wild ride that was the much maligned (on this blog and my social life) Year Of The Horse. It was good while it lasted and we made all kinds of magic, but trust me when I say that I was careful to wash my hair early and to wear red three days straight. Ain't nothing gonna keep me from that sweet, co-operative, kind, mellow, thoughtful sheep-life!

Apparently Sheep love primroses and carnations, something my friend Gregg must have intuited when he got me these ones.You know who else loves primroses? Ghost gnome. Maybe it's a sheep as well. 

To celebrate the Year Of The Wood Sheep, I thought I'd share some of my favorite things, which apparently, like that red frock, is a bit of tradition around here.

Favorite thrift/ dump finds.                                                                                                   Ever since starting the clothes challenge I've had ad thrift luck, or rather, mad Dump luck, which is better because it falls within the perimeters of my challenge. I've also been very into my sewing machine, fixing and repurposing and using up my fabric stash.

My favorite finds are too many to catalogue, but the above slippers take the cake. I'm also loving the green knit I'm wearing in the picture, which I found at the Dump yesterday, along with a bunch of T-shirts to turn into tops and the perfect denim shirt to embroider, a project I've been dreaming about for a long while.

Here's to rub though: out of my three clothing purchases for the year…one bites the dust! Though I didn't, strictly speaking, actually buy this perfect red 90s dress, an exact replica of which I had in orange back in 1993, I'm gonna count it as Purchase Number One. It deserves it. No regrets. 

I've been finding some rockin' housewares as well. Mugs, as always, but flower pots and napkins and picture frames too. 

Favorite Music:                                                                                                                                   Björk's new album. I haven't been a huge fan of her last few albums, but Vulnicura gets to me on the visceral level the Björk I fell in love with in my teens did. Even before I found out it had come out early, I was listening to Debut, Post, Homogenic and Vespertine and watching all of my old favorites of her videos. Of all the artists I've known and loved in my life she's the most seminal one in a lot of ways, the first grown-up music I found for myself. I grew up to her songs, they're part of my history. 

Favorite Things To Watch:                                                                                                    You mean besides Ancient Aliens and Angel? Right…No but seriously. Ancient Aliens is hilarious! If the world is ever getting you down and you want to just unplug, but going into the woods is not an option, I seriously recommend getting some popcorn and fruit (we eat citrus when we watch movies) and letting these people tell you how it is. Because it's all about "ancient astronauts", building pyramids with antigravity and transmitting radio signals with sacred stone circles.  "Is it possible? I say YES!"

On the more seriously awesome film front though, I've watched the documentary The Punk Singer like three times now. Not only did I love Kathleen Hanna passionately back in the day, but it's just an awesome documentary about feminism, music, love and lyme's disease. You can follow it up with Hit So Hard, a documentary about Hole's drummer and her struggle. And since we're on the topic of music documentaries about women, how about this one about Björk herself. You don't even need net***s to watch it.                                                                       

Favorite things in nature:                                                                                                                   Spring! I know it's early and I know how I feel about that, but at the same time, it's hard not to rejoice in bright, light skies, daffodils poking out, plum blossoms, nettle tea and pesto, new grass for the chickens, that inimitable smell of everything coming alive.

I know it's such a country-hippie-blogger cliche to talk about how much we love the changing of the seasons and how every year it's just as magical to watch small pale green things begin to grow, but it's a cliche for a good reason. Because it's fucking magical.

I dare you to eat fresh nettles, see your garlic poke out of the ground, or pass a field in lambing season and not agree. If that's the case, maybe you need to go on a quest to find a soul. 

Oh and the birds…bard owls hooting in the woods for a mate, ravens always bragging up a storm,  the first swainson's thrush... 

Books:                                                                                                                                                     What do you know, still reading women? I officially declare the seasons for #readwomen2015 open. I don't know how it happened, but the four of the six books I've read this year have all been authored by women. I loved Kate Atkinson's Life After Life, as I love everything she writes, and cannot recommend it enough. It feels like the maturation of her talent, her obsession with the dark beneath the prim and proper structures of the world, her light and easy touch with the extreme magical realism she often deals in.  

I also just started reading Emmi Itäranta's Memory Of Water which I'm super excited for. She's a Finnish author who's book has been highly acclaimed both nationally, and internationally and she also translated it herself. As for the young, sad, wild, mad lady authors of the world, I think that think they merit their own whole posts.

There's also another posts worth of thoughts on my first challenge in reading the classics this year. Suffice to say that right now the score is Tolstoy 1- Milla-0.

What's rockin' your world this early spring, or possibly snow-enclosed winter? I'd love recommendations on music especially.

Happy Sweet Sheep Life!