"I was like 'No, please, stay here!"

Did I just quote Lana Del Rey's Blue Jeans for my title? Yeah, I did. And now, I'm gonna talk about clothes. Money Power Glory* and all those other shallow things. Who woulda thunk it? 

In all seriousness though, I know we're supposed to be well over last year by now, out with the old, in with better, shinier things, but frankly, I'm having a hard time even integrating anything that happened in the last twelve months. So until the Chinese New Year, or at least my birthday, I'm going to keep assessing last year, and figuring out what I might hope for from this one.

I haven't even made any resolutions yet...

Speaking of which; as some of you guys may remember, one of my New Years resolutions for last year, was to buy less clothes, enjoy my existing wardrobe, and maybe even #bringbacktheoutfitshot? Yeah, well what with everything that happened last summer and fall, documenting my "Dream Closet Sufficiency Challenge", went the way of keeping a blog. 

Denim shirt-thrifted NYC 2014/ Owl Top-Etsy 2014/ Skirt- Local thrift 2014/ Justin Roeper Boots-Barter fair 2013/ Necklace-gift from  Anne  2015/ Earrings- Yard Sale 2015

Denim shirt-thrifted NYC 2014/ Owl Top-Etsy 2014/ Skirt- Local thrift 2014/ Justin Roeper Boots-Barter fair 2013/ Necklace-gift from Anne 2015/ Earrings- Yard Sale 2015

That said, I'm happy to report that I bought fewer clothes last year, than ever before...but don't rush to congratulate me yet.

Let's look at the numbers first:

All in all, I acquired twenty-two pieces of clothing; counting just the things that I kept. Maybe another fifteen items went trough my closet and left. I bought four pieces of clothing brand new, though two were dresses from Field Day Wearables, a lovely, bad-ass company that makes all it's wares from re-used materials. All in all, I'm actually pretty proud of how well I was able to plan these purchases, and hold back on other stuff. I knew when I started this challenge that one of the things I'd definitely buy would be form Field Day, and since it ended up being the main wardrobe piece in my movie, I'd say it was money well spent.

I wasn't able to stick to my three-purchases-only rule, which was pretty much what I expected. That was part of why I decided on such a low number. The whole problem, as you may remember, is that I'm a very good thrifter. No, screw it: I'm a great thrifter! A Favorite of The Thrift Gods. #thriftblessed

In addition to my four new pieces of clothing, I also thrifted five pieces of clothing, all dresses. The other thirteen pieces of were the courtesy of friends, many of whom pitied me in my self-inflicted-thrift-ban. I got a bunch from the Dump, where I've been scoring majorly ever since the start of this challenge, and two clothing exchanges. 

While twenty-two pieces may sound like a lot of new clothes to some thoughtful, minimalist, non-clothes-horses, it's somewhere in the pretty normal range for me. Like i said, you guys, favorite of The Thrift Gods! Not my fault! 

As far as budget went, I used (according to my calculations) $288 of my $365. I'm not sure whom I'm going to donate the remainder to, but Bernie sounds like a solid bet. 

Here's What I learned from this challenge:

1. The Obvious: I have an awesome wardrobe.I'm so happy that most days I can throw on almost anything, feel like myself, and lead a pretty messy lifestyle, while enjoying dressing up.

2. Enjoying the things I do buy, planning, and keeping lists of things I'd like to have: Like I said, there were a few pieces I carefully considered, and decided to buy, and they have all turned out to be just the perfect items. Having lists of things you'd like to have, makes acquiring them, whether buying new, or thrifting, that much more satisfying.

3. If you don't want to buy stuff, don't go to places where there's stuff (obvious pt. 2):I avoided thrift stores (I think I only went to Value Village once this year! Shocking, I know.), and Etsy, other than the few times I ended up buying something.  

4. I have stylish, generous friends: Many of my absolute favorite things I got and wore this year, were gifts from my some of my best friends. Emmy gave me a hat that I wear all day everyday, Amelia gave me the cutest 60s mini-dress, Missa a vest I wear all the damn time, Katherine a rad summer shirt, Irene permanently lent me an awesome Tibetan Wool Jacket, Phoebe gifted me a dress of hers I wear all the time, and Amber gave me a bunch of lovely dresses from her magical vintage hoard. With friends like these, who needs stores? (But I did learn that I can't go thrift store shopping with Phoebe, we encourage each other too much ;)

5. I can get rid of things: Which was exactly what I didn't want to do, but digging deeper into the underbelly of my closet helped me discover some things unloved and unworn. I think I got rid of more things than added this year. That's a first.

6. I guess I came out of the Witch closet this year: For as long as I can remember I've never bought, or even owned anything black, but some my favorite things I found purchased, and traded this year were, you guessed it: BLACK. Or maybe I'm starting to dress appropriately for my age. Yeah, I didn't think so either... 

7. You can totally sleep in it, right?: It would probably surprise the general public of this Island, that I actually don't spend a lot of time on getting dressed in the morning. Based on the lovely comments I get on my clothes, people seem to think that I carefully consider and create all my outfits, when in reality I throw them together in less than three minutes before I have to run out of the door. That's the Dream Closet for you. Lately I've discovered that if I find a combination I like, I can just keep wearing it, day after day. And yeah, I'm not entirely above sleeping in my daytime clothes. Should I be admitting that on the internets of the world? Probably not...

That about covers this riveting wrap-up about how-I-didn't-hoard-as-many-clothes-this-last-year. Just witchy scarab-earrings...

I'm going to keep it up for this year, and while I can't promise any more outfit-shots, I promise I'm going to keep trying. Everyone's holding their breath, I'm sure. 

Anyone else have thoughts on clothes shopping, wearing black, or whether it's totally cool for adults to sleep in their clothes? Don't leave me hanging you, guys.

Ps. (The original rules of the quest for better use of all my awesome clothes can be found here (and I'm wearing this same skirt!).)

*if you don't know your Lana, you're probably somewhat confused now. I'm sorry. No, I'm not. It's all yer own fault.