Hats All, Folks

All week, I've been struggling with my bum kidney. Eight years ago, I had a pretty severe kidney infection and ever since then my right kidney has a tendency to get inflamed with dehydration, stress and so forth. All of which the holiday season offered in abundance.  On Saturday morning I woke up with a fever, inflammation and a general sense of confusion and have been wandering around in a fog since then. 

So all I've managed to do this week, is listen to the entire season of Serial, do three loads of laundry and knit this one hat. Well, I did knit the hat twice, milk goats three times and clean the entire downstairs, but still, not a stellar record. 

I'll take it though, bum kidney doesn't mess around. And at least I finally knit a hat my husband approves of. And we went on a long walk today.


Tomorrow, I think I'm going to blog about clothes. And try to make RSS feed work. Party on!

ps. I'm pretty sure I've used that same heading before. See, nothing's different?