My Dragonfly

Am I going overboard with the Sufjan Stevens lyrics? No? Okay good.

It's been a little while since I did an "Art Tour"-post, so here's a little insight into my decorating scheme.

Like the previous pieces I've shown you, this little number was created by a talented friend, Jodi. I bought my great embroidery inspiration book "Native Funk And Flash" from her last year and she included this card.  I love it. There's something magical about it: those delicate fingers holding the dragonfly about to take off over the water. It's a moment before flight, connection between two beings. 

A lot of my favorite pieces are actually postcards and posters a lot more impermanent in nature than framed drawings. They bend, they fade, they have tape marks on their backs. I love that temporary nature of them, the adhoc sense of a college apartment, arbitrary collections, shifting as the mail comes in. They are also an affordable way to be able to own a piece of an artist's work, instead of a print. Postcards are accessible. They're messages, of love, of family ties, of societal formalities. I love sending them, and receiving them. And I love taping them to my wall.

Who's with me on the postcard decorating scheme?