Medicine For The Body, Medicine For The Soul

Happy Full Moon in Aquarius, folks.

As you know, this August Moon stretches on for one more enchanted night, as moons come in sets of three nights. Make the most of it when you can, and if you want to hold onto it a little longer, someone may have but some into a bottle for ya, too...

It's a Moon of entering into a wider way of thinking about self and community, and I've added a few things to this latest Fireweed & Nettle shop update which reflect that. 

Last year, I created a Blood Moon Aries essence, centered around the visionary flower, Queen Anne's Lace. That particular Moon, was all about opening up to the New: visions, dreams, ideas, hopes, expanding what we think we can believe, create, and make.

This one, on the other hand is all about expanding that vision, into connecting with other dreamers, to see them and hear them in order to build community, and a global village, something I think we can all agree, is desperately needed in this divisive time. Damn! Whether it's your dream to become a part of a gaggle of witches, like-minded makers, others in your same life-phase, or to meet more people, part of that work is being of service of others, being malleable, open, and listening deeply. 

To support that we also need to be able to know where we stand, and be able to hold onto our best, strongest self, even as we open up to others. We can't do that from a place of guilt, victimhood, anger, or self-doubt. That's why the essences of Sunflower, and Calendula, as well as my floral smudges became part of this collection. Both sunflower and calendula are about working out and strengthening parts of ourselves that feel un-shielded. 

And, they are the medicines of the S U N. Reminders of the energy and light we all have access to. The point, always to herbal, and particularly vibrational medicine, is to take it, but also take a moment to pay attention, or in hippie-speak reflect on why this is the medicine we've chosen. Just chugging some in the car on the way to pick up the kids, may do something, but actually taking time to figure out why this part of us is hurt and broken, is how we'll start mending it. The medicine is a conduit, a way to make time and space to work out what we need.

As always, it's my goal for these medicines, to make sure they nourish the mind, spirit, and soul, but also the body, they are deeply connected, and the duress on our bodies in this modern world cannot be under estimated. This collection of potions is pretty spiritual indeed, but I made sure to add my grounding calendula salve into the mix to help heal and nourish our summer-weary bodies. External scrapes and scratches merit our attention too. (And don't worry, any day now I'll get back into my practical head space and write about some seriously earthy stuff! )

In that spirit, today's "recipe", is a little different as well. It's about taking that time to tend to those unseen, unloved, or unheard parts of us, in a way that hopefully can fit into even the busiest schedule. 

Moon time is the perfect time for these ritual care practices, and it's important in my opinion to remember that they can be quite small, in these busy days of summer, and still be effective. All these small practices can be combined in various constellations, depending on what your life allows. Obviously, you'll want to create your own recipe for taking a moment to yourself, but here are some helpful suggestions from your hedgewitch friend, Milla.

R I T U A L  F U L L  M O O N  S E L F  C A R E :

1. Prayer. You do not need to be deeply spiritual to practice praying, nor do you need to set up some super special, intensely ritual space to do this. Prayer is a great way to check in with ourselves, and express our gratitude for the people and things we often take granted daily. 

2. Grounding out. Standing bare feet in the ground, looking up at the moon, and doing some breathing exercises is sometimes all we need to do to shake off worries and fears, and to remember the things that actually matter. 

3. Journaling. Writing down things we'd like to let go off, or work on during this monthly cycle, can help all of us clarify what we want, need, and don't need to carry anymore.

4. Fire or Water. Last night, I had the privilege of having two very powerful sister-witches with me, including one Fire Maven who helped the four of us make a fire together from scratch, and while that may not be in the realm of possibility for everyone, simply lighting a candle can be good stand-in for a bonfire in your city apartment. Whether its a fire in the woods, or a candle, flames merit our attention and bring us into the moment. 

Similarly, bathing in creeks, rivers, or tubs, can be a powerful way to shed off some of those everyday burdens, and spend some time considering bigger things. 

5. Tarot readings. Full Moon is a great time to do a little gratitude reading, to take space with your cards, and be curious about what comes next.

6. Medicine. Taking an essence as a part of your meditation, your Tarot reading, your prayer, can help you set the mood and the tone, of how you perform those practices. As my friend Amber likes to reiterate often, ritual self care can be a really important tool to use. Whether it's baths, body oiling, or medicine taking, giving yourself love, and taking care of your body and spirit together is a powerful practice. 

That's all for now folks, but if you're yarning for more witch-y connections, I heartily recommend you sign up for Miss Sophia Rose's mailing list to receive her Full Moon Missive. There have been some mighty powerful connections and conversations forged around here for a few days, and I'd love for you to get to partake.