Blooms Like A Wave which I love things and wear clothes. At the same time. The heights of Western culture. The minutiae of our lives, the private, yet public lists of things we love, our countless self-portraits, you guys...

If you're wondering what I'm drinking the answer is: tea, and lots of it. But I'm also reading and listening all kinds of things that might be influencing my keyboard. 

Did you keep those lists? In high school, college, at the counter of the first crappy job you got after moving out of your parents house? The lists of things you loved? I was a word-girl, a highly sensitive one, who furiously wrote observations of everything around her, trying to catalogue and organize it all in patterns that made sense. My favorite lists were, in descending order of preference: 

1. My Top 10 Favorite Songs

2. My Top 20 Favorite Novels

3. 5 Best Letters I've gotten (I wrote a lot of letters.)

4.  Best/worst secrets I know

5. Pieces Of Clothing I'd Like To Own (With DETAILED descriptions/ drawings)

For old times sake, because my personality is way more defined and I keep too few lists these days, here's my top five things I love right now:

1. The New Shearwater Album-Jet Plane and Oxbow. I've been a huge fan of the band since their album Rook, for so many reasons-including but not limited to-how literary Jonathan Meiburg's lyrics are, how emotional his voice, how unpredictable the arrangements, and frankly, because it turns out that apparently I really like complex, orchestral, and anthemic music. Does this mean I'm going to start listening to early U2? I hope not. But this latest album does remind me of one of my other favorites: The Suburbs by Arcade Fire. In the best possible ways.

2. This article lambasting establishment feminism's recent flippancy about young women and their political intelligence. I love it because it manages to be lyrical, scathing, analytical, angry, and hopeful all at once.  As the election season drags on, it should be required reading. 

3. McKenzie's Dollhouse Crankie. I really just recommend you watch this video. It's soothing, fascinating, and a little unnerving in turns. Mostly, it's amazing to me that this whole thing came into being. There's something totally magical about watching those little folks in their little rooms, with lights, and moving silhouettes beaming at them through the windows. Enjoy.

4. The New Yorker Radio Hour. Am I wrong to assume that you're some kind of a nerd, dear reader? Okay good. No need to explains this further then? 

5. My sister Mali's latest venture. Having been both in the receiving-and sending- end  of these custom-order snail mails, I actually really love the idea. Plus, I kinda want to send that weed and friendship one to everyone, it's the perfect balance between funny and cute. 

Dress-  Field Day  2011/ Top- Gift From My Sister 2014/ Necklace-A Trade With  Jeannine  2015 <3/ Boots- Barter Fair 2013

Dress- Field Day 2011/ Top- Gift From My Sister 2014/ Necklace-A Trade With Jeannine 2015 <3/ Boots- Barter Fair 2013

A list of all the things this list contains that I love:

1. Strange, cute things.

2. Loud, righteous, poetic feminists.

3. Stadium rock from another, parallel universe. 

4. Literary intersections.

5. Snail mail.

Welcome to the 21st Century, fellow travelers. I now write lists on the internet. But about more or less the same things as in, say 1997...