New Moon, New Year

Usually, it takes me a while to get used to changes, or to absorb new information. Sometimes experiences, or events barely register with me at the time, and I’m only really able to integrate their full meaning after the fact. I think it’s the HSP side of my personality, the need to take my sweet time to process experiences, and feelings. However, this is probably a very good thing, because my actual personality is quick, mercurial, impulsive, and adventurous. My sensitive side keeps those impulses in check, and ensures that I actually consider changes, and take my time reflecting on them.

In our community we celebrate New Year twice (some of us thrice actually): once on Solstice, and again on the 31st of December, which also happens to be my husband’s birthday.  There’s a little Finnish fortune-telling magic we’ve done the last few years, but with the celebration, and the aftermath I often don’t get around to reading my cards for the New Year, until a few days later. Frankly,  most often I have to spend some time assessing and assimilating the previous year before I’m ready to leap into the New.

In the lovely, long nights of January, I find myself in no hurry. (My friend Mary put this sweet, slow time in great perspective in her last post.)

This year, considering what a year it has been, I decided to wait until the New Moon in Capricorn, which is supposed to be grounding, deep roots, and the truth. The themes of truth and roots keep coming up for me, and if I had to pick a word for this year, it just might be ROOTED.

New Moon readings are often about just that, looking honestly at our deepest, most secret parts, and preparing them for change, for beginnings. It’s the Moon of Deaths and Births, of preparing for the new cycle. It’s the pause before the next step, the little window of time from which we look out at the new before we have to enter it. It’s a time to dream, to enter the cave, then to come back out and navigate by the stars, unencumbered in the sky. It also happens to be the Moon I was born under, so it has a special meaning to me.

If you plant according to the Moon phases, this is when you prep your soil. This is the perfect metaphor for both this time of the month and this time of the year.  Prepare your soil, fertilize, sprout, plan out your garden.  It’s almost growing season.

So, as a little pre-cursor to what I’m doing this year, I thought I’d share with my New Year/ New Moon –spread as a present to all my Tarot-loving readers.  I created it about ten years back, during a very uncertain time, using the basicPast/Present/ Future or Mind/ Body/ Spirit –constellation as its root. This spread can be used for New Years, birthdays, new seasons, for new endeavors. It was created for the style of Tarot I practice and teach: an intuitive, holistic self care approach, where the cards are prompts to explore our own strengths and weaknesses.

The spread is read from top down and left to right, Western-World-style

1.  The Message-overall theme for the year/ things to pay attention to/ either work through/ or nourish

2.  The Past-last year’s lessons/ things that we have left, or should have left in the past/ root causes, or movers of our current trajectory/ paths taken and choices made

3. The Present-choices we must make now, paths we’ve got to take/ where we are/ things to consider here before we head out

4. The Future-growth/ path we should take/ our best outcome, whether hard or easy/ the place we need to go/ the place we’re heading

5.  The Challenge-the hard things/ difficulties we face/ our downfalls/ longings/ that which we might be missing/ what we might need, or long for

6.  The Self- the internal world/ where we can grow/ what needs nurturing/ what needs to be dealt with/ the ego/  self-image, self-love, or self-loathing

7. The Truth-reflection onwhat is truly important/ what is hiding/ the things we need to face no matter how unpleasant/ our true path/ honesty/ the righteous path, or High Road

8. The Wild Card- the spiritual realm/ magic/ prayer/ inner wild/ the trickster

9. Love-lovers/ partners/ husbands/ wives/ girlfriends/ boyfriends/ longing for love/ path to love/ inviting love/ true love/ what we need in love/ how we need to love/ where our hurt is/ where our love is

10. Home- house/ living situation/ space/ homestead/ place of physical things/ relationship with things/ where we feel most at home/ making a home in the world/ family

11. Relationships- family/ allies/ friends/ co-workers/ partners/ community/ how we relate to others/ our people skills/ our community building

12. Heart/ Strength- where we are purest, or strongest/ what we need to vanquish to get to our best self/ where is our power/  our inner light/ our True North

I hope you enjoy this spread, if Tarot is your bag.

Now, I'm aware that all of my readers are not necessarily Tarot-lovers, but I hope you guys bear (a pun! a pun!) with me on this topic, because this next year is going to be big and exciting for me in the Tarot-realm. 

And hey, maybe I'll even be able to convert a few of you...

For starters I'm planning a mini-Tarot tour on the West Coast this winter, followed by another in California in the Summer. And if you can't make it, fret not! I'm hoping to turn my class, "Make Magic Everyday- Tarot As Self Care" into an e-course, which should please all you peeps, who've been bugging me to come teach on the The Midwest, North Carolina, or the East Coast...of Japan! Haha! But seriously, there's a few pieces of Tarot business you're all just gonna have to put up with. 

Whether you read cards, or not I hope you have a lovely, deep, and meaningful New Moon, and if you're into trying out some other New Year spreads, the inspiration for this post came from Ally at Aquarian Soul Designs and the rather different spread she posted. 

Stay warm guys, and watch the stars! <3