A giveaway winner and a BIG THANK YOU

I wish I could really know you all. I wish you could walk over to my house for Tarot readings, have a cup of tea, and talk about everything under the sun.

Over the years, you guys have helped me through rough patches, sent me wonderful packages, supported my husband's business venture, encouraged me in my own endeavors, schooled me on things I didn't know about, recommended books, given me health tips, and cheered me on when something exciting happened in my life. I wish I could send each and everyone of you a letter and a package of herbal goods, or at least give you the biggest hug.


Thank you for making the first week of Fireweed&Nettle such a success! I'm so excited to get my potions and lotions out to you (shipping out tomorrow), and then putting the next batch into the store (probably on this friday). 

And fear not, lovely readers, this blog is not just going to be about my shop from here on out, I promise. Soon there'll once again be pictures of what I wear, and maybe even some cats. 

THE WINNER OF THE GIVEAWAY IS (by the magic of the random number generator): Amber

(Please email me for deets, darling!)