I looked up, and picked out a map in the sky

Rushing to the chicken coop in the morning fog, I realize that summer, another summer, is finally, blessedly, regrettably, over. Scattering feed for the chickens, luring out the ducks, running back in my muck boots slipping on the grass, I'm barely able to make the outlines of the house in the mist. Somewhere, out at sea, a foghorn hoots. That sound never fails to startle me into realizing that I really do live on an island. 

Just a week ago, I got back from a little ferry and bike trip on Vancouver Island. Now, my movie is about pop up online, be shown here on Island, and at the film festival that commissioned it.

This summer, more than most, as flown by on the wings of something big and strong, some migratory bird that travels across continents and oceans. 

So much has happened in the last two months, I have no idea where to start. My journals are full of mangled jots; a sentence where a paragraph should have been, a bird,  a visit, an unkind word, a phase of the moon, recorded not because they are important, but because I happened to be holding a pen. Everything has been a lovely, lively chaos this long, hot summer.

In BC we stayed at a little Russian house, painted all kinds of awesome colors. I was there to celebrate the birthday of one of my dearest friends, with her and her daughter. 

A few days away, eating, drinking, scouring vintage shops, indulging in my love of Northwest Coast murals, and basking in the sun of a strange little city did me a world of good. 

Being a country dweller, there's something about cities that is almost as soothing, as it's exhausting: the constant attention those places require. It's easy to leave our daily lives behind, in the constant barrage of sights, sounds, smells, the endless people-watching...

Being Island women, we weren't able to shake the sea entirely.

The strangest sight we saw were these seemingly tame seals, near the docks, right in the heart of downtown, surrounded by the noise pollution of the water taxies, yachts,  and clippers. I don't really know if they made me sad, or happy, or both...

And the other things that have happened lately, oh the other things! Those of you who follow me on instagram, may already know that Charlie bought an old school bus for his new shop space. As of the beginning of the year, he's gonna be a sole proprietor of Kestrel Tool and need a shop space of his own. 

After a lot of research what rent-overhead on this island would be for such a space, he decided to go the cheap, small, cool way of owning his own space. He's working hard to convert this ride.

Between the yurt we bought last year and 'ol Screaming Jenny, all we need is a piece of land, and we'll be set in the housing and working department. Like Charlie said the other day: "Good, big things are happening for both of us!!!" Then he promptly fell asleep. 

I've been making a lot of medicine and many awesome trades, and I can't wait to have the time to share them here, in the form of some fall health tips. 

My new favorite dress, from my BF Amelia, who's the kind of gal who gives you presents on her birthday.

It's been a bird-full couple of weeks, including many rescues, and these four babies we got over the blood-moon weekend.

Speaking of which. I know you know this, but it was so beautiful. Not just the misty peach-pink moon, but the insane pastel sunset, and the bats swooping through the air, and owl calling in the woods. 

It was really the perfect celestial ending for our summer. 

Moon bright, dark night, warm, and mysterious...

How have you been? I have so much to tell you.