Last Spring, I was writing down fun ideas for blog posts on some long-since lost note. The only one I can remember is this: explaining some of my favorite words in my native Finnish.

As those of you who've read my last post may know, it's been a rough week for me. That said, with the clarity of the New Moon, and the support of friends, kind folks, and loved ones, it's not been all bad. Case in point: our faraway sister Ana came to visit for a few days! Before a rather raucous dinner with friends, we took a stroll, and she treated me to a Tea Ceremony in the woods.

Aged, smoked Pu-ehr tea, vultures circling in the trees, moss soft underfoot, it was just what I needed. A little focus, but only to the smallest of things, moths, vultures, the wind. The tea was warm, the sky clouded over. 

In Finnish the word "hetki" means moment, but when I think of that word, the associations that pop in my mind are: "teehetki" means tea-time, "satuhetki" is Finnish for story time, and similarly "lukuhetki" means reading time. Tea-moment, story-moment, reading-moment…an undefined space where time stops, or at least stretches so that a moment can continue long enough to encompass those activities. 

 Hetki is a little longer than a few seconds, but can be as long as an hour. It's a measure of time completely dependent on the context in which it's used. 

It's anything from  "Please hold" ("Pieni hetki." or "Hetkinen"), and chatting with your friend over a cup of tea for hours. 

"Hetki" to me, means taking time and making it your own.  

Dear folks, friends, readers,  thank you for your kind words, and your patience with my shop and shipping. You people are amazing. 

Hope you're having a lovely moment <3