How? How Did This Happen?

How did it happen? Did we fall asleep? (Am I continuing to make too many Carrie And Lowell -references? Would I care if that was the case?)

Those of you who are seasoned readers of this blog, may remember that this is the gist of my summer posts. Where did the time go? What about all the things I was planning/ hoping/ dreaming to do? How did this happen again?

Every one of our summers runs at a demon speed, a juggernaut of gardens going wild, sun beating down on the water, muscles sore from paddling, running, bike rides, always being on the move, armies of mosquitoes breeding, of night picnics, moons shifting, and changing at an alarming rate.

My favorite photos have always been the ones that could be from the 70s: the ones that are slightly out of focus, hazy,  or oddly colored, the ones where our friends could be our mothers, our aunties, where we ourselves look mysteriously unrecognizable. They're best caught in firelight, at dusk, under a waxing gibbous moon...

These days, all you can do is stay up late, get up early, dry out your wet suits, life-vests, and dry-bags. Grab a quick meal fire-side with visiting friends

First point, then shoot. Wash your feet, or hair, but never both.

We spend our summers running on fumes and sunlight, but this last week has got to be a record for me. I keep hearing of Northern Lights in our skies, and though I've not seen them yet, breathing in the night air in the yard, I wonder if it's that electricity, some charge in the air that keeps me going. Whatever it is, I sure hope it holds a little while longer. 

How's your summer, kids?