A Small Spell

On Summer Solstice Eve, around midnight, or at least at twilight, go to a field, the bank of a stream, or the side of some quiet country road.

You may go alone, or with others, however you please.

Once there, you must gather seven different blooming flowers, the ones in season under that Solstice moon, whether it be skinny, or fat, or dark altogether. 

Not another word must be uttered by anyone in your party, once the picking of these plants has begun. You must all be silent 'till you rise the next morn. Of course, you are allowed to laugh, giggle, whistle, but not hoot.

When you have your seven blossoms, go to your chambers, place them under your pillow and go to sleep. That night you shall see your true love in a dream.

Of course, you are to remember that your True Love, may not always be a man, or nor a woman, but perhaps something deeper within yourself, your art, a place you will call home, your courage, your righteous cause. Interpret your dream honestly and kindly.