Over The Fire

What have you been up to lately? Me, I've been jumping over some fires, and planting, and the usual scheming. Always scheming, always dreaming.

In case you didn't already know this, I'm a big fan of traditions and rituals. Making them, participating them, creating them from scratch...

One of the many hard things about being an expat, is the lack of universal, annual, life-long traditions that America seems to have. Sure, there's always high school graduation, and Christmas, but coming from a country where we still basically set our calendars like it's pre-Christian times, it can be jarring, how the seasons change without special foods, or holidays to mark them.

That's why I feel grateful that many of our friends are committed to creating celebrations and rituals together, and saddened that many others are not, that the new vibe of this place might not revolve around a common calendar. I'm also determined to do my little part in keeping and creating those traditions. 

For the second year in a row, we threw a little May Day party in our neighborhood, pole and fire, and all. Last year, it was simply to do something with the neighbors, because in the six months we had lived here, we'd done almost nothing together. This year, well…ditto. I love having these kinds small (or big as long as I'm not hosting) gatherings, of many different generations. Time enough to talk to everyone, to check in, to do a little bit together, until we go our separate, busy and hermit-y ways.

It's so good to be with friends, doing something, not always just hanging out, while still getting to simply enjoy their company. 

And who doesn't want to celebrate spring, that blessed moment when everything is still possible, loaded with potential, before we really jump into the fire of summer?

Happy Spring All!