The Crossing

To get from here to anywhere, you have to cross a body of water somehow. It's just laws of nature. It's this funny barrier between us and the rest of the world. 

In many ways it makes many things a little harder, trips take an extra half-a-day, and costs an extra $60, no matter where we're headed. We often rely on the internet, and catalogues for that which we can't buy locally, spur of the moment shows, and visits are out of the question, and doctor's appointments have to be carefully co-ordinated. That said, it also keeps things simple, and makes sure that impatient, demanding people, either learn patience, or simply never visit, let alone stay. It's a good humbling for us all, to not solely be the masters of our own schedules all the time.

The ferry is definitely a part of island life, an introductory journey to trips both mundane, and exciting.

Between Christmas and March, I didn't take it once. Since then, I'm about to hop on the fourth time. This summer, I imagine, we'll stay solidly Island-bound, circling the waters in our Kayaks, avoiding the mainland like the plague. 

The ferry is the last solid, calm moment before the hustle and bustle of the real world, the freeway, the markets, the people we don't know. 

It's a good place to do last-minute checks, to re-orient our plans, to bump into friends, and see familiar faces one more time. 

So long friends, over the water I go! The reports may be patchy for these next few weeks, but feel free to follow along on instagram