It's Not Too Late!

Happy May Day, folks!

Well, it might be too late for a lot of things, but it's definitely not too late for you to make a batch of Finnish spring drink called Sima. It's fast, easy and laden with sugar, just like Americans (and everyone else too!) like it! To be accurate, once it's done, it's not really laden with sugar, because the yeast eats most of it.

You'll need:

2 lemons

1 1/2 gallons of water

4 cups of sugar (the browner the better)

1/2 tsp of yeast

hops, rhubarb, spruce tips, if you have them (I've tried to do this with just rhubarb, but so far it hasn't worked. A little lemon apparently does.)

a bucket

a handful of raisins

bottles that you can seal

Warm up the water and emulsify the sugar into it in the bucket (note: don't pour boiling water in a plastic bucket, wait till it's just warm). When it is fully emulsified and the cooled to just lukewarm add the yeast. Stir. Peel the lemons, slice them and throw them in. If you have any of the other stuff do the same with that.

Leave it covered for 1-3 days, and keep checking to see if it gets fizzy. After it's a little fizzy, put some raisins in the bottoms of your bottles, strain out the lemons, hops, rhubarb, whatever, and pour it the bottles. Once the raisins rise to the top, refrigerate the sima and enjoy.

Sima should have a fresh, fizzy, slightly sweet flavor. I should add that it will be mildly alcoholic, like a Kombucha, and is drunk by children all over Finland today, but we are just a little less intense about stuff like that, so be forewarned. 

Enjoy and don't forget that May Day is not just about fertility, spring, and magic, it's also the international day of solidarity:

Donate to relief in Nepal, RESPONSIBLY. Educate yourself and others about what's happening in Baltimore and all over the country. Join the Global Climate Movement. Don't buy stuff you know is made under terrible labor practices, without fair pay, or safety, with unsustainable environmental consequences in third world countries.  That's pretty much ALL STUFF. Support your local farmers. Support folks with less in your community. Call the company you buy your sugar from. Call the company that grows your lemons. Demand social justice. Demand climate justice. Oh wait, those are the same thing! And maybe listen to this poem, until you've internalized it fully. 

It's no big deal. We've totally got this.

Now let's go dance around the Maypole! Hauskaa Vappua, Everybody!