The Closet Case

In case you've been wondering how I'm doing with The Dream Closet Sufficiency Challenge, let me tell you: it ain't easy. Not if you're a secondhand master by the grace of the The Thrift Gods*. Seriously, though, I've already used up two of my three purchases, and have seriously struggled with not thrifting. 

I've out right bought one thing, traded for another (somewhat indirectly, so I'm counting it), but somehow in the process have still acquired ten new pieces of clothing since the start of the year. TEN. Count 'em. 

Out of those ten pieces, five were gifts, and three were free from The Dump. I know, I'm totally allowed free clothing, but still, it's kind of amazing how much I've managed to acquire in such a short time. If the year keeps up like this, by the end of it, I will have a round forty new pieces of clothing.

The gifts were a lovely South American dress from Amber for my birthday (Be still my heart!), a dress and a blouse from my friend Emmy, a dress from my sister (which I borrowed a long time ago when we lived in a bus together), and a T-shirt from this awesome shop from which I was rather tempted to buy all of the things. Joey sent me an extra one with my order of a striped tank top, with the same print.

Did I desperately need a tank top? No, but seriously, sometimes you stumble upon a good thing on the internets, and have to act on it. Murakami characters? My favorite 90s Hong-Kong filmmaker? Recycled, screen-printed apparel? Too good to pass up, quotas be damned. 

Want a little thrifting advice that really works, especially for hardcore thrifters? Keep a list of things you want/ need. Accept no substitutions. Settle only for the perfect one. A list helps you focus your energies, and you won't be as likely to just buy a bunch of so-so stuff. This works especially well, if you, like me, have a habit of buying the same things over and over. (Lacy 70s blouses, vests, prairie dresses...)

A 90s butterfly dress has been on my list almost since I got rid of the orange one I actually had back then. (Also on my list, a denim jacket vest, the perfect 90s sunflower dress, and a pair of red vintage Chucks.) This red one, is the perfect one.

All in all, no regrets, but a little bit of confusion. I'd be curious to know how many pieces of clothing you've gotten lately? How many do you think you buy/ get/ find each year? Any other thrift junkies out there? 

*The Thrift Gods were a popular concept with the vintage/ thrifting bloggers in the late oughts, a sort of divine luck, that manifests as a sense that one most head to the nearest flea market, and then finding exactly what we were looking for.