The Full Moon

Makes me stay up all night. Or sleep deeply and dream wildly. Those dreams are always the longest and the most logical, if only by their own sense, the ones in which magic, and flying, and wild escapes, and improbably adventures happen, and when you wake up, it seems like I haven't really slept at all, or can't quite tell them apart from the morning world. 

The full moon also makes me want to walk through the woods, dodging bats and other night critters, the cats hot on my heels, with my flashlight turned off. 

Here in the country, it shines right through your windows and into the rooms, as bright as any offending streetlight, almost rendering your bicycle light unnecessary on the way home. It draws steep outlines for all the trees and lures the deer out of  their hiding places. 

I know I'm supposed to go to bed, but I'd like to go to the beach, or the dock instead to see its reflection on the water, two moons: one riding the sky, the other the waves. 

No wonder it's hard to sleep in moonlight nights. After all, before electricity, they were the only light ones each month. It seems like such a waste. It seems like my body wants to stay up all night. 

Does the moon come into anyone else's dreams out there?