The Good Housekeeping

I don't clean my house often enough. (I wanted to type in or ever, but that's not strictly true, so…) Sure I sweep the floors downstairs four, or five times a week, or daily if I'm not at work, I do my share of the dishes and clean the sink and the bathtub. Occasionally, I even fold my clothes and put them back into the closet. When it comes to order and organization though, the choice between playing the uke, gardening, or drawing, or clearing out that full sink of dishes, it's almost never a question for me. 

I always choose fun and creativity over a clean home. (Thanks again for the opportunity to air out my cleaning grievances Rachel. Wabi-sabi to you m'dear!)

Similarly, when it comes to this space, my home on the interwebs,  I'll always choose posts and pictures, over, well the tech stuff. 

Since moving from the old site I've had a few messages from concerned readers about not quite being able to follow my shenanigans here. 


+You can follow me here on bloglovin'

+At the bottom of this page there's both the RSS link and a box to subscribe via email

+And if you're in possession of a smartphone or some other newfangled thing-gummy-bob you can also follow me instagram @thewomanwhomarriedabear with a nifty button on the bottom of each page. 

+If you're interested in my online writings, I'll be adding more stuff to the "Writings"-section of this blog as things come out. 

+A few folks asked if I was planning to close my old blog. Hecks no! There's a lot of good history there and I like being able to link to posts on topics when I continue to write about them. I might even go back to it at some point if this squarespace thing doesn't work out. I've also considered of creating some sort of archive here with links to the best posts on particular topics, but you know…housekeeping.

Let me know if you have any questions, or technical difficulties. I gotta go rhubarb jam now!