All I Want Is Your Eyes, In The Morning As We Wake For A Short While

Yesterday, we went kayaking. Just for a few hours and just to a little Island East of here. It was  the first time we've kayaked since September. I don't know exactly how that happened, other than that we got swept up in other things, we were busy, our weekends were packed with chores and friends, the holidays came and went, illnesses came and stayed...

Going kayaking requires a little bit more forethought, planning and organizing than a ramble in the woods does. It's not a two-hour-thing. It's more like a half-the-day, or all-day-thing and often we don't have that time. Loading the boats on the truck, gathering the gear, the wetsuits and, lifejackets, and sprayskirts, and sponges, and gloves and extra paddles, I was reminded again, how this is what keeps us on land most of the time. 

I was also reminded that it doesn't have to. That when you're lucky enough to not work a nine -to-five, you can get out there, with the little wiggle room you have. That the moment you shove off and adjust your spray skirt and push your paddle in the first time, it suddenly seems really simple. 

I can't think of anything, other than mountains and trailheads, that makes me feel as free than bobbing on the water, the whole ocean a highway, instead of a boundary. The feeling of being able to go in any direction, explore any shore, is amazing. 

Packing our small lunch (cheese and apples, our smoked salmon, chocolate, always and a thermos of tea) into dry-bags, I was reminded that this was our reality for three weeks this summer. Wake up at dawn, have breakfast, brake-up camp, pack up our things and fit them into the kayak, then paddle for miles and miles, pull your boat up to another shore and make camp again. It's not that hard.

Arriving to the small Island, we made promises to ourselves and each other to do it again and often. 

To just get away for a day or two. A walk is nice, a ramble is better, but Island hopping and being water-bound is the best.

When you mostly set your own schedule, it can be deceptively hard to make sure you get away, because frankly, there's most often chores. Our garden fence needs fixing, our chicken coop needs a bigger run, there are dinner parties and theres sewing, and making and planning, always.

It's too easy to forget that this is our thing, being wild and free together. That being bogged down by responsibilities, friends and community, by livestock and life-stuff, is a wonderful part of growing a life together, but it doesn't trump our need for being unfettered sometimes; just "two drifters, off to see the world". Someone asked me recently, what exactly it was that I thought was romantic, if roses and chocolates and candle-lit dinners weren't, and I supposes that at a pinch, when pressed I would answer: this.  

Having a person you want to run away with. If only for a day. 

What's your chosen adventure?

ps. These pics were taken with Charlie's waterproof point-and-shoot, which, among other things, automatically photoshops faces. Yes. I know. Twenty-first century is whacky fun.