HMS Resolute

This year I'm gonna make actual, honest-to-goodness resolutions. Not many, and not ones aspiring to great heights but some that I plan to try my hardest to keep, and ones that I can actually achieve. The last couple of years, I've been all coy about it, calling them "goals" and "aspirations", or what have you, but I'm ready to call a spade…a resolution. 

1. Just say no. -I know that saying "yes", or at least declaring that you're saying yes, is all the rage, but you know what? I say yes to way too many things.

I say yes to things that people ask from me because they know I'll say yes. I say yes to things people ask from me because they don't know I won't say no if I don't really want to do them, or have the time. I say yes to things I wish I had the time to do, but actually don't and then do grudgingly. I say yes to things I don't really want to do, but am worried about hurting other people's feelings. And then of course I say yes to all the things I want to do and all the people I want to help and be with. So screw yes. I'm gonna establish some boundaries, with many polite "no thank yous" and try to save the y-word only to the things I really want to use it for. 

2. Keep Dressing Like Nobody's Watching. Okay, this is kind of a no-brainer, since I'm already dressing in the dark half of the week, but what I really mean is that getting dressed (even if it's in two minutes and in the dark) is something that brings me joy and I'm going to try remind myself of that. This ties into another clothes-related resolution, that I'll write some more about soon.

3. Know Only That You Know Nothing. However, bonus points will be meted out to those of you who know which classic literary work this statement references. This year, want to read the classics. I want to read (or at least start) War And Peace (I've started it once before and made no headway), The Magic Mountain, The Invisible Man, Gravity's Rainbow, Go Tell It On The Mountain, The Jungle, Independent People and re-read Moby Dick, The Trial, The Sound And The Fury. Why? Because. My brain told me to. 

4. Learn To Poach An Egg. Enough said. 

5. Be A Better Friend. I've been having a hard time being a good friend to myself and actual friends at the same time.

6. Exercise. In spite of this summer's kayaking adventure, I'm in a shoddy shape right now. As soon as I feel better I want to start an actual exercise program, with running, kayaking and biking and some yoga too.

7. Focus.  I'm starting the new year with a lot of projects in various stages of completeness, or rather incompleteness. Getting better at squaring things away, and only working on one thing at a time would be a vast and wonderful improvement. 

There you have it. Totally manageable goals ahoy! With Full Moon in Cancer tonight, it's a grand time to make plans and set goals. And for the sake of honesty, I gotta say that I of course have a shadow set of private goals too, ones I'm too shy and too superstitious to share, before they come to pass at least. I'll definitely be revisiting these goals throughout the year, to keep myself honest. Wish me luck!

Now, do tell, what kind of resolutions are you making this resolution-season? Big ones, small ones, short ones, long ones? 

ps. I know there's some technical difficulties in following the site and am going to try to fix 'em. When I have the mental power that is. Right now, I have the mental powers of a moth drunk on moonshine. Thanks kidneys.