The Owls Are What They Seem

Mary put it pretty well when I posted a picture of this scarf on instagram (and I paraphrase): "Considering that you are wearing the pinnacle of all clothing items, what more could you ever need?" 

True that. This scarf from Shovava the last thing I bought in 2014 and one of the few new things I bought last year. I know I'm practically venturing to fashion blogging territory with this many pictures of the same damn outfit, or conspicuous consumption after just mentioning that buying clothes is not necessary, but WILL YOU LOOK AT THIS SCARF?!?!?!? 

I feel the same way about it as I feel about my dream dress. That it gives me special powers. It was an obvious choice for the final purchase of last year, in fact, a purchase that more or less completes my wardrobe. Practical? Yes. Magical? Obviously.

I'd been looking at these scarves for a while, trying to decide which one to pick, when one day I saw Aquarian Soul Sister Amber wearing this one.

Owls have been coming up a lot this last fall, hooting in our woods and I had a weird encounter with one last fall, so the subconscious, night-self that it represents seemed really perfect for me and for this dark season.


If you're not sick of clothes yet, tomorrow we'll nit-pick our way through my clothing challenge, but for now, I'm off to sit in the dark with my night-self. Hello darkness, my old friend...