It's A Brave New World

Or is it?

Welcome! Happy New Year! 

Come in, come in! Take a look around. I'm still getting things set up, but a lot of stuff is in its right place already. Pretty much everything will be the same, but as you may have noticed, the name is a little different. Since the folk myth/ fairytale my blog has been named after is known by both names, I figured it was time to exchange the "girl" for a more mature title. Or as my sister who did the artwork said "Britney would be so proud."

As always when starting something new, I have lots of high and mighty hopes for this space. Maybe they'll come true, maybe they'll fall by the wayside, like so many New Year's resolutions. I hope to post more regularly and do shorter posts with more journal-like content. I hope to bring back the old outfit shot. I hope to review more books and introduce you to more blogs that deserve your attention (you can already check some of them out under the Reads-section). I hope to share more recipes and wildcrafting and medicine making. I hope to finally have a (semi-)regular feature on activism. I hope to continue writing long pieces that stand up against the increasing shortness of our attention spans, my own included. I hope to have the same melange of whatever strikes my fancy that you've grown accustomed around here. So everything is new, but not much has changed.

There will of course be some new additions. (Hopefully!) Part of the reason why I wanted to test out a different blogging format is that I would like to have an online shop where I can sell in limited numbers some of the miscellany of things I make as gifts, or for our family, or just for fun: herbal stuff, zines, crafty things. A few folks have enquired about tarot readings, so maybe we'll try that out too. The other impetus for the new site is that now that I'm doing more writing work, I've been using my blog as a calling card for some of it and it seemed appropriate to get a domain name and a little more formal design (Not that my web design skills are not amazing. Because, have you seen my blog!?!?!). The main reason though, around which all these other ones coalesced is that I've been blogging for almost seven years. It's probably the most consistent hobby I've ever had and I want to keep at it. Blogging is a really good medium for me, it works as a journal, an art project, a way to reach other people, while still maintaining my comfortable introvert perimeter. After all that time, I have been feeling an itch to shake it up a little bit and this seemed like a possible way to do that.

Not to fret though. This is not any kind of preamble to my pursuing some sort of career through blogging, taking on sponsorships, or monetizing. The Woman Who Married A Bear will follow the decidedly unprofessional, non-minimalistic, de-curated path of its younger incarnation. Watch me clutter up this neat white platform to the max as soon as I get a better hang of the templates.  

So what do you guys think about my new digs?