Photo by Demetria Provatas <3

Photo by Demetria Provatas <3

Dear Friend,

I don't know how you came to visit here. In the past such diverse google-searches as "Long hair", "Who is my grandma?" "What is magic?", "Pretty Witchy", "Nettle Pancakes" and my personal favorite "Milla Hippie Love Rainbow" have led people to my blog. Often those same folks consider our meeting a bit "fated". A stroke of unlikely luck

I'm Milla, a Finnish woman living on a small Island on unceded Coast Salish Territory off the coast of Washington. I'm a writer, a folk herbalist, a hedgewitch, a community organizer, a landless homesteader, and a sometime filmmaker, among other things. A general busybody is a good title, if I have to use one. 

This is not a "lifestyle" blog, and I'm not creating some sort of a personal brand. If anything, this is a journal of my personal thoughts and ideas, things that interest me, infuriate me, light my brain on fire; things I love, or consider beautiful, or vitally important. For more than nine years now, I've been writing down all of these seemingly disjointed entries, and I think I've finally discovered that the common thread among them: connections.

My passions, many of which I cover in some form, or another on this blog, reach far and wide, yet are, to me, interconnected by some thin filaments, or thick roots to one another. They circle endlessly around the land, identity, spirituality, frivolity, ethics... One day, I might be writing about my wardrobe, (which consists mostly of clashing floral patterns) sympathetic magic, community organizing, or talking to plants, on another about how to make really good, medicinal hot chocolate, or Earth Activism, or how you're a radical feminist, reading Tarot, or being a Zen Buddhist, or my love for cats and fowls...

If you're interested in curated content, visually cohesive "aesthetic", or predictable topics, this might not be the place to find them.  If you're interested in connections:


I'm happy you found your way, stay awhile, have a cup of tea.

Love, Milla

you can contact me via email at: with the caveat that: 1) I reserve the right to not answer emails as emails are suggestions (Just because one is sent doesn't oblige the recipient in spending their resources in answering it, no matter how well-intended the letter may be. This is a vital modern survival method) 2) I am not a medical professional of any kind and I don't do consultations. Please do not contact me about your specific personal health. 3) I'm just a person. I like person-to-person interaction, I like to learn, and I also have my limits. You can disagree with me, be mad at my opinions, our whatever else bugs you, but please make sure you're as kind, articulate, and logical in your communications as you can be. I'll try 'n do the same.